1. Have you got some time?
  2. Are you hungry?
  3. But not me.
  4. Rain wets the earth.
  5. I am thursty.
  6. Onehundredandtwentythousand more rounds.
  7. What time is it?
  8. How are you?
  9. What did he say?
  10. When are you making coffee?
  11. Open the window.
  12. The door is open.
  13. The chair is black.
  14. She is reading a book.
  15. The bottle is empty
  16. Give me a glas of water.
  17. The telephone is ringing.
  18. There is somebody at the door.
  19. It is twelve o'clock.
  20. The train is delayed.
  21. The computer is not working.
  22. He has got a cold.
  23. The quirrel cracks nuts.
  24. The bin is full.
  25. Put the garbage outside.
  26. This plant needs water.
  27. The tea is cold.
  28. Grey clouds conceal the sky.
  29. Children should listen more carefully.
  30. Can you make something out of that?
  31. I am facing a problem.
  32. When a leg is broken is has to be splinted.
  33. You should actualisate yourself.
  34. A comparison is inapropriate.
  35. I think he is an indoor architect.
  36. Oh the water is really expensive.
  37. Is everybody who is not causing trouble really untroubled in the end?
  38. She arrives at two o'clock.
  39. Who ownes the world?
  40. Time is passing far to fast.
  41. He is alone but not lonely.
  42. One red wine, please.
  43. Green and blue decoreates the pig.
  44. Suddenly her skirt burst.
  45. I love rock'n'roll.
  46. Please drink at least two liter of water a day.
  47. Sleep well and have sweet dreams.
  48. Don't forget to go for a walk with the dog.
  49. After three years you are fit.
  50. I lost one tooth.
  51. The air should come from the lungs onto the tongue through the mouth into the microphone.
  52. Time is healing all wounds.
  53. A fire extinguishs if you don't poke it.
  54. You are playing a game.
  55. What's the matter with your ears?
  56. I am ill and tired.
  57. I am going to think of something, too.
  58. Fish is on the menue today.
  59. War has nothing to do with it.
  60. How are you going to decide?
  61. He needs new socks.
  62. I can't think of anything.
  63. The text is really not showing this.
  64. I want more money!
  65. I will come home late today.
  66. Susan was in Paris last weekend.
  67. In Italy the sun is always shining.
  68. The tower of Pisa is askew.
  69. Maria was not a virgin.
  70. Put warm clothes on if you are cold.
  71. How do you get to the beach?
  72. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.
  73. Good evening Ladies and Gentleman.
  74. You don't recognize me.
  75. Autsch that hurts.
  76. Leave me alone!
  77. Manchester is playing in the forrest.
  78. Never again second league.
  79. You can wait a long time for your papers.
  80. Do you not like my sentences?
  81. I am going to the surgery.
  82. We need diacritics for this.
  83. Who wants to go to the dentist?
  84. I miss the radio.
  85. The weekend starts tomorrow.
  86. I like getting post.
  87. Bills are akward.
  88. Holidays wouldn't be bad.
  89. Flowers need rain.
  90. Bees produce honey.
  91. The earth is round.
  92. I will become rich and famous.
  93. She donated her entire money.
  94. One always has to loose.
  95. Your car is scrap.
  96. Better take the train.
  97. Cologne is grande.
  98. We learn for life.
  99. That's the way it is.
  100. That's nobodys fault.


© 2004 Reinhold Greisbach / Katja Getrost (Institut für Phonetik)
JWG-Universität Frankfurt am Main